Congregation Of sisters of St Agatha(SSA)

The  congregation sisters of St. Agatha was started by Maria Victoria Giorny, a young pious religious, the daughter of Nicolo Francesco, a lawyer, from a noble family, in Italy at Geneva in1820. It sqs strted as a semi Contemplative congregation and it continued tobe the same for many years. And by 1950 it opened as an active congregation with the aim of education the young girls. At present they continue as a Congregation of the Diocesan right . there is no separate province or region for them. They are working in five Dioceses, three are abroad (Italy, Poland) and two are in India. (Ernakulam, Ujjain). They are nearly hunred members only.Except three novices all are professed sisters numbering 97.
The congregation started a convent in Ujjain in 1985 with the aim of giving Christian education to the younger ones. They have got two houses in the eparchy of Ujjain. Their main activities are pastoral ministry, teaching in the school and helping in the social work of the eparchy.

S.S.A  at a Glance

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