Curia and Administration


Eparchial Administrative and Consultative Bodies, Commissions and the Apostolate


As an Eparchy of the Syro-Malabar church, It has corresponding administrative and consultative bodies as per the code of canons of the eastern churches. In the Civil Law the Diocese of Ujjain is a registerd society. Hence there are corresponding administrative and consultative bodies. Here Below is given the brief description of such bodies and structures under both the ecclesiastical and the civil law.


A. Diocesan Curia of Ujjain

Bishop Sebastian vadakel

Fr Scaria Vareeckal -(Proto Synccllus)

Fr John Kondooparambil-(Chancellor)

Fr Jacob Nirappel-(Finance Officer)

Fr Antony Pulickamandapathil-(Priest Member)


B. College of Eparchial Consultors

Very Rev. Fr Scaria Vareeckal

Rev. Fr Jose Kondoor

Rev. Fr Jacob Nirappel

Rev. Fr Thomas Konnackal

Rev. Fr Antony Pulickamandapathil

Rev. Fr Augustine Thevarkunnel

Rev. Fr George Thoppil

Rev. Fr Vincent Kadalikattilputhenpura

Rev. Fr John Kondooparambil 

C. Finance Council

The members of the finance council have the great responsibility of directing and guiding the finance management of the eparchy.  The members of the finance Council are the Following:

Mar Sebastian Vadakel

Very Rev Fr Scaria Vareeckal 

Rev. Fr Jacob Nirappel

Rev. Fr Antony pulickamandapathil

Rev Fr Alexander Pinamarukil


D. Eparchial assembly

As per the provisions in the code of canons for the eastern churches for the eparchial assembly, the eparchy of Ujjain holds it almost every year. Since the catholic population is small almost all the faithful and the missionary personnel participate in this celebration. Specified themes are presented for study and reflection by the people of god. It is an occasion for the laity where they feel that the people of god. It is an occasion for the laity where they feel that the people of god are actively involved in the mission and the activity of the eparchy.


C. Presbyteral council

Since the number of priests in the eparchy is only 86, the entire presbyterium functions as the presbyteral council of the eparchy. Almost every month the priests have a common meeting from 02.00 p.m. to 04.00 p.m. under the presidency of the bishop. Important pastoral, missionary concerns in the diocese are discussed and the conclusions recorded. The chancellor to the eparchy functions as its secretary and he keeps the minutes and the report is presented before the following months meeting. This helps in the active involvement of priests in the apostolic activities and decision making in the eparchy.


D. Eparchial Mission Council (Pastoral Council)

The  Eparchy of Ujjain, being a mission eparchy, has its mission council consisting of the representatives of all the faithful: lay, religious and priests in the eparchy. The Eparchial Mission Council consists of 111 members with the eparchial bishop as its president. It has been constituted on the basis of canon law (CCEO 272-275), Particular law of Syro-Malabar Church and the directives of the Bishop Of the Eparchy of Ujjain in the year 2002. The languration and first meeting of the eparchial mission council took place on 2nd February 2003. The Mission Council is to be convened at least once a year.




This body is composed of two types of members: Ex-officio members and elected members from every section.




The Bishop- president

College of Eparchial Consultors

Financial Committee Members

Heads of Various Apostolates

Regional Director- M.S.T.


Rector-Ruhalaya Major Seminary

Rector-Eparchial  Minor Seminary

Major Superiors-Religious Congregations

President-Eparchial C.R.I Unit

President-Catholic Organization




Representatives of the priests

-One priest Member for each Group (Up to five years; six to ten years; eleven to twenty Years above; twenty years)

Representatives of women Religious per Congregation

-One member up to 03 convents in the Eparchy;

-Two members from above three convents in the eparchy

Representatives of the lay faithful

-one member up to five faithful

-Two Members up to twenty five faithful

-four members up to fifty faithful(at least one should be a woman)

-SIX Members from hundred to three hundred faithful(2 men 2 women and 2 youth-one male and  a female above 18 years)


-Nine members from there hundred and above(3 men; 3 women and 3 youth above 18 years-at least one should be a female)


An elected vice-president, secretary and two joint secretaries from the council constitute the executive body. Under the Direction of vice president the topic of the meeting is fingalized presented before the president.


The members of the executive body are elected for a term of three years. At least once in every year the council holds its meetings. But generally the council holds two meetings per year.

Though this council every section of the church get an opportunity to take part in the decision making of the Eparchy. Even the laity plays an active role in it.

The Mission Council in the Eparchy of Ujjain is an active body which plays a great role in the life of the church. In Various matters the council expresses its ideas which animate the life of the church.

Fellowship: Association of the priests ascribed to the Eparchv

Apart from the presbyterium there is also an association of the eparchial clergy named Fellowship. It also is a forum to discuss pastoral and missionary endeavors of the eparchy and priests welfare programmes which is held twice a year in the presence of the local hierarch. All the priests ascribed to the eparchy are its members. It has its president, secretary and executive committee members.

Inter Eparchial Tribunal

With the consent of the signature Apostolica the eparchies of Ujjain Jagdalpur and Sagar Satna have formed two inter-eparchial tribunals. They function as first and second instance tribunals correspondingly. The members of the Ujjain-Jabadalpur tribunal are:


Judicial Vicar                   :         Rev Fr Vincent Kadalikattilputhenpura

Judges                            :         Rev Fr Thomas Thachilettu

                                                Rev Fr Antony Perumanoor

Defender of the Bond       :         Rev. Fr John Kondooparambil

Notary                            :         Rev. Fr Joseph Karukayil


During the reporting period, the marriage between Mona Carloz and Loyed DSouza was nullified on the ground of fear and force.


Registered Society : The Diocese of Ujjain

In the Civil Law The Diocese Of Ujjain is a registered Society. Hence there are Corresponding administrative and consultative bodies. The registered society named The Diocese of Ujjain has its general Body which functions following the Bye-Laws approved by the Civil Body

General Body

General body members of the eparchy: following are the General Body Members 

Registered body:

Bishop Sebastian Vadakel

Very Rev Fr Scaria Vareeckal

Fr Jacob Nirappel

Fr Antony Pulickamandapam

Fr Augustine Thevarkunnel

Governing Body

Bishop Sebastian Vadakel                      Bishop

Very Rev Fr Scaria Vareeckal                 Secretary

Fr Jacob Nirappel                                 Treasurer

Fr Antony Pulickamandapathil               Member

Fr Augustine Thevarkunnel                   Member

Eparchial Mission Council

Mar Sebastian Vadakel                       :            President

Rev Fr James Akkamparampil             :            Vice-President

Sr. Ansala SABS                                :            Joint Secretary

Miss Sudha Lakra                              :            Joint Secretary

Priests                    :        28

Religious Sisters      :        24

Laymen                  :        44

Laywomen              :        15

Total members        :       111