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Eparchy of Ujjain

Convents In the Diocese

1.Arpan Convent (SMC)

2.Carmel Dham(CMC)

3.Karunalaya Convent(SABS)

4.Missionaries of Charity(MC)

5.Nav Jyoti Provincial House(SABS)

6.Nav Jeevan Convent

7.Pushpa Convent(SH)

8.S.H.convent(Nursing School)

9.St.Francis convent(FCC)

10.St.Mary's convent(FSMA)

11.St.Paul's Convent(CMS)

12.St.Paul's Convent(CMC)


14.Pushpa Convent,S.M,S,Agar

15.St.Alphonsa Sadan,F.C.C,Akodia

16.St.Martha's Convent,S.M.C,Ambodia

17.Pavanalaya,S.A.B.s Avlia-Bhutia

18.Carmel Convent C.M.C Bachukheda


20.Santhome Convent,S.H,Barnagar

21.Assissi Bhavan,F.C.C

22.Jyoti Convent,S.H,Biaora

23.Nirmala Convent,S.A.B.S,Chandessary

24.St.Thomas Convent,D.S.T Chandukhedy

25.St Mary's Convent S.M.S Gogapur

26.Jai amala Convent, S.M.C,Harsodan

27.Shanti Convent,F.C.C Jamner

28.St.Sebastian's Convent,S.M.S,Kanda

29.Bethaniya Convent,S.M.C,Kaytha

30.Nav Jeevan Convent,F.C.C,Khadi

31.Mother Theresa's Convent,S.M.S,Khilchipur

32.Vikas Maitri Convent,S.A.B.S,Kotra

33.St Thomas Convent,D.S.T Kanasiys

34.Dev Matha Convent,C.M.C,Malikhedi

35.Shanti Nilaya Convent,D.S.J Mana

36.Anugraha Convent.S.M.S,Mehidpur

37.Christu Jyoti Provincial House,S.H.Mendiya

38.Fatima Convent,S.A.B.S Nagda

39.St.Thomas Convent,D.S.t, Narsinghgarh

40.Vimala Convent,S.A.B.S Navada

41.Providence Convent (Congregation of the Sisters of St.agatha)Pachore

42.St.Thomas convent,D.S.T,Piploda

43.Rajeshwar Convent,S.H Rajgarh(BiAora)

44.St George's Convent,S.A.B.S Sarangpur

45.Vimala Convent,F.C.C, shajapur

46.Deepti Convent,F.C.C,Shajapur

47.St.Thomas Convent,D.S.T Tarana

48.Archana Convent D.S.J Udenkhedy

49.Archana Convent D.SJ, Udenkhedy

50.Vijaya Convent,S.M.S,Zirapur

51.Christu Jothi Convent(SABS)