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Eparchy of Ujjain



 No  Name and Place
 1  Mother Theresa's Convent School, Khilchipur.
 2  Kolping Higher Sec.School, Maksi.
 3  Ashram High School, Malikhedi.
 4  Alphonsa Vidya Mandir, Mana.
 5  St.Joseph's convent school, Mehidpur.
 6  Archana Vidyalaya, Udenkhedy.

 Higher Secondary Schools

 No  Name and Place
 1  Pushpa Convent School, Agar.
 2  St.Thomas School, Barnagar.
 3  Christ Jyoti Convent School, Malanvasa.
 4  Fatima Convent School, Nagda.
 5  St.Joseph's Convent High School, Narsinghgarh.
 6  Rajeshwar Convent Hr.Sec. School, Rajgarh.
 7  Mahatma Gandhi Hr.Sec.School, Shajapur.
 8  Deepti Convent Hr. Sec.School, Shujalpur.
 9  Santosh Catholic High School, Susner.
 10  St.Paul's Convent School, Ujjain.
 11  St.Mary's Convent school, Ujjain.

 High School

 No  Name and Place
 1  Carmel Convent School, Agar Road, Ujjain.
 2  St. Alphonsa School, Akodia.
 3  Carmel Vidyalaya, Bachukheda.
 4  St.John's High School [Hindi], Chandessery.
 5  Nirmala Convent School, Chandessery.
 6  St.John's Convent School, Ghonsla.
 7  St. Mary's Convent School, Gogapur [Mehidpur].
 8  Dina High School, Tarana.
 9  Vijaya Convent High School, Zirapur.

 Technical Colleges

 No  Name and Place
 1  Manovikas Vocational, Subhash nagar.

 Upper Primary Schools

 No  Name and Place
 1  St Thomas School, Pawasa.

 Special Schools

 No  Name and Place
 1  Manovikas Special School, Jawahar Nagar.
 2  Prem Sagar Special School for Mentally Challenged, Khilchipur.
 3  Prem Sagar Special School, Khilichipur.
 4  NIRMAL JYOTHI, Mandsur.
 5  Prem Pragati Special School, Rajgarh.
 6  Nav Jyoti Special School, Shajapur.
 7  Nav Jeevan Special School, Shujalpur.


 No  Name and Place
 1  Jai Rani Hospital, Ghonsla.
 2  Pushpa Hospital, Ujjain.

 Health Care Institutions

 No  Name and Place
 1  NIRMAL JYOTI, Bhopal.

 Specialized Health Care Centers

 No  Name and Place
 1  Saathi Care home, Ujjain.

 Hostels & Boardings

 No  Name and Place
 1  Preethi Bhavan, Chandukhedy.
 2  Prem Pragati Residential Centre, Rajgarh.
 3  Santhosh Bhavan, Susner.

 Boardings For Girls

 No  Name and Place
 1  Archana Balika Bhavan, Udenkhedy.
 2  Pushpa Balika Bhavan, Ujjain.

 Boardings For Boys

 No  Name and Place
 1  Alphonsa Bhavan, Chandessery.
 2  Santosh Bhavan, Susner.


 No  Name and Place
 1  Preeti Bal Bhavan, Chandukhedy.

 Old Age Homes

 No  Name and Place
 1  Shantidham Old Age Home, Ujjain.

 Other Institutions

 No  Name and Place
 1  Prarthana Nikethan, Pachore.
 2  Samanvaya-Inter Religious Dialogue Centre, Ujjain.

 Press and Publication

 No  Name and Place
 1  Arpan Press, Rishinagar.

 Charitable institutions

 No  Name and Place
 1  Kripa Social service, Dewas Road, Ujjai.

 Communication Centre

 No  Name and Place
 1  Navdarshan Sanchar Kendra, Catholic Church Compound.

 Social Service

 No  Name and Place
 1  Kripa Social Service Training centre, Chandessery.
 2  Kripa-, Rajgarh.

 Priest Home

 No  Name and Place
 1  Priest's Home, Chadessery.

 Pilgrim Center

 No  Name and Place
 1  Shanti Bhavan, Jamner.

 Mission Station

 No  Name and Place
 1  Catholic Church, Agar.
 2  Alphonsa Church, Akodia.
 3  Sanjeevan Dham, Ambodia.
 4  Sanjeevan Dham, Ambodia.
 5  Sanjeevan Ashram, Avila-Bhutia.
 6  Sanjeevan Ashram, Avilia-Bhutia.
 7  Jai Sleeva Ashram, Bachukheda.
 8  Jai Sleeva Ashram, Bachukheda.
 9  Catholic Church, Bajrangarh.
 10  St. Thomas Church, Barnagar.
 11  Santhome Catholic Mission, Barnagar.
 12  St.Mary's Church, Bercha.
 13  St. John's Catholic Church, Biaora.
 14  St.John's Catholic Church, Biaora.
 15  Nirmala Catholic Church, Chandessery.
 16  St.Joseph's Catholic Church, Chandukhedy.
 17  St.Benedict's Ashram, Duletia.
 18  St.Benedict's Ashram, Duletia Village.
 19  Rajeshwar Bhavan, Ghonsala.
 20  Rajeshwar bhavan, Ghonsla.
 21  St.Mary's Church, Gogapur.
 22  Jai Amala Catholic Church, Harsodan.
 23  Shanti Bhavan, Jamner.
 24  St.Sebastian's Church, Kanad.
 25  Masih Ashram, Karondia.
 26  Sleeba Dham, Kaytha.
 27  Sleeba Dham, Kaytha.
 28  Catholic Ashram, Khadi.
 29  Catholic Ashram, Khadi.
 30  Catholic church, Khilchipur.
 31  Vikas Maitri, Kotara.
 32  Catholic Church, Maksi.
 33  Dev Matha Catholic Ashram, Malikhedi.
 34  Dev Matha Catholic Ashram, Malikhedi.
 35  Bl. Alphonsa Church, Mana.
 36  Catholic Mission, Mehidpur.
 37  Catholic Mission, Mehidpur.
 38  Santhome Bhavan, Mendya.
 39  Santhome Bhavan(Regional House), Mendya.
 40  St.Xavier's Church, Nagda.
 41  St. Joseph's Catholic church, Narsingharh.
 42  Infant Jesus Catholic Church, Navada.
 43  Catholic Church, Pachore.
 44  Prem Nivas, Piploda.
 45  Prem Nivas, Piploda.
 46  St. Mary's Catholic Church, Rajgarh.
 47  St. George's Catholic Church, Sarangpur.
 48  St.Joseph's Catholic Church, Shajapur.
 49  St. Peter's Catholic Church, Shujalpur.
 50  Catholic Church, Susner.
 51  Catholic Church, Tarana.
 52  Archana Bhavan, Udenkhedy.
 53  Archana Bhavan, Udenkhedy.
 54  Catholic Church, Zirapur.

 Major Seminary

 No  Name and Place
 1  Ruhalaya, Ujjain.