Franciscan Sisters of St. Mary of the Angels(FSMA)

The congregation of the Franciscans of St. Mary of the Angel was founded on 1871 by Fr Chysostom of the cross at Angers in France. Christ in the Eucharist is the source and centre of their contemplation and their mission throughout the world. They are adorers and missionaries. Their principal aim is adoration of the Eucharistic Christ. The congregation also dedicates it self to the service of the poor to education ,to the care of the sick and the actual needs of the church and of the world. The congregation is a religious institute of St. francis of Assisi. Ther are three provinces and a region for the congregation around the world. 321 sisters and 25 novices are the strength of the congregation.

This is the first congregation that cane to Ujjain for the mission work even before the establishment of the  eparchy of Ujjain. They have only one house in the eparchy with 12 members. They run a higher secondary school of their own in Ujjain. Besides, they help in the pastoral work in the Cathedral parish of the Eparchy.


F.S.M at a Glance

Province's Professed Sisters




Convents in the eparchy of Ujjain


Members Working in the eparchy


Apostolates engaged

Pastoral ministry